mStormCraft Ranks

[Citizen] Free you start out with it. Other stuff in server (no kits sorry)
RANKS TO BUY IN MSTORMCRAFT /warp ranks – You get 10 coins every hour!-When im on at happy hour over 100 coins FOR ALL! Comment.

[Knight] /Kit knight, allowed to shout [Cost 4,000 in-game money]

[Paladin] /Kit Paladin , Run Mod , And everything Knight has. [Cost 5,500 in-game money]

[Champion] /kit champion , God fly mode , and everything paladin + knight has [Cost 7,000 in-game money]

[Sayan] /kit sayan , Colors Allowed while chatting , and everything champion,paladin,knight has [Cost 8,500 in-game money]

[Super Sayan] /kit super sayan , Unlimited items (not creative) and everything sayan,champion,paladin,knight has [Cost 10,000 in-game $]

[Trainee] /kit trainee , Creative mode , and everything knight,paladin,champion,sayan,super sayan has [Cost 15,000 in-game money]

Trainer: must be a trainee for sale once a fully trained trainee [Ranked by admin and higher] And will can apply for mod can fireball 1x every hour IF trained and Trusted Can also Spawn Mobs I God:Must be a trainer,and advanced moderator. Also Can Smite people aka [Lightning] 1 time every hour IF TRUSTED and trained Must take God Oath of mStormCraft
No Abuse of any of these Powers Or YOU WILL BE DEMOTED. Thank you for Your time NO GO READ THE RULES LAZY BUM. XD JK.

Bender Lord: Everything God has in order to be BEnder lord must be trusted Admin [limit 5], Plus if you watch avatar-Legend of Korra Fire,Water,Earth, Possibly Air bending plug in will be added

Thank You for extra time – GIggety Gooz.
Owner:Minestorm [etc.] Co owner: Mrchip124

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